30 Mar

Tips to Read 100 Books a Year

Reading isn’t always an easy habit to develop, but it’s one that can help you improve your life. To be successful, at whatever you do, you must increase the quantity and quality of the books you read. When I first started really reading at 21, I read slowly, and I wasn’t getting much out of the books.

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24 Mar

Fast and Effective Self-Development Exercises

Whether at home or at work, most of us strive to never stop acquiring knowledge and learning new skills. This drive for continuous self-improvement can have a major positive impact, oftentimes leading to better opportunities for career and personal growth.  To make the most of the personal-development process, you should focus on implementing effective strategies that generate fast

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21 Mar

How to overcome the crisis

Psychologists assert that a person is able to overcome their emotional experiences with time, and that they are able to forget the psychological setbacks that they may suffer in a period not exceeding six months. Is this true? What are the best ways to exceed this period of time? In a report published by the

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17 Mar

Ways to Define a Successful Day

What defines a successful day for you? A day where I am “in flow.” Flow states aren’t something most of us can achieve or even want to experience every day, but being in flow is what we feel when we are doing what we love in service of others.  —Clint McKinlay, CEO of Ruby Ribbon When the team around me

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12 Mar

The secret is in body language .. possess 5 skills to be influential in remote work meetings

In the current “Covid-19” situation afflicting the world, it appears that videoconferencing will continue, which means that there is an increasing importance of learning how to conduct it.Making video calls from home over time may turn into a routine that you are used to, so that you will not continue to pay attention to details

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09 Mar

Super Power

You can “Do not let anyone dictate to you what you do. They will say that you are crazy and then they will follow you. Fight for your dream, do not give anyone the right to say the word NO, you have the determination and will, you will achieve what you want, just set your

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06 Mar

Whatever you sell, there are indisputable selling rules

There are 5 basic selling rules to keep in mind. You will find that these rules will open the door for you to achieve huge returns, whether you sell directly or sell online, The value rule: The consumer only buys products and services that benefit them. The first thing you need to know and accept

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03 Mar

Leaders: How to Take Control of Your Outcomes in 2021

This past year has been full of surprises, but one thing didn’t shock me at all about 2020: In the face of emergencies, leaders emerge. This is a timeless adage that has proven itself over and over again. Emergencies shake up our priorities and force us to reconsider what is most important. Taking that step

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