Versant Language Tests

It is formerly known as SET (Spoken English Tests). Versant™ tests are automated tests of spoken and written languages and of this kind are the only completely automated tests. Versant tests can be taken on a computer or a telephone because it uses the patented Ordinate® speech processing technology and Knowledge Analysis Technologies™ text engine. Scores are available online within minutes

Corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions around the world are using Versant English tests to measure English language skills.

Why to choose Versant

  1. It is reliable for meaningful and accurate results and research-based.

The Versant English Tests are built and developed by expert linguists. Based on the patented Ordinate® technology, the Versant testing system has been thoroughly field examined, tested and validated with reference to the most qualified evaluators as concerns language proficiency, pronunciation, and fluency.

  1. It is of more objective, independent assessment for a more robust approach.
  2. It saves time due to automated scoring and streamlined administration

test takers can take the test on a test centre computer or even over the telephone and the system automatically scores the candidate’s test.

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