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The UCSI University’s MBA program is specifically designed to provide access to higher education to both interns and local and international professionals. The program is a practical course that includes tools, methodologies and frameworks for the Blue Ocean Strategy, which provide a systematic approach to make the competition irrelevant. UCSI University is the only Malaysian institution of higher education for the Master’s program in this framework which includes a diversity and excitement learning methodology by transferring knowledge through workshops, presentations and feasibility studies. A highly qualified team of academics also supports the Master’s program in various sectors and have extensive experience in this industry.

The scope of studies also includes current developments and discussions on management and business issues at the theoretical and practical levels. Graduate students will be encouraged to carry out theoretical exercises on these topics and everything related to them in the form of an effective practice, especially their application to SMEs. Industrial trainees and consultants from companies will be offered as speakers during the program. As a graduate program, an MBA program that promotes learning among learners to prepare them for international employment opportunities, future career development and more research and study anywhere in the world.

Istanbul, Turkey

Place of Study

Master of Business Administration


A 11549


KR 9541 06/2019

Acceptance Code




Program Style

Minimum one Year

Program Duration

January, May and August


#UCSI University is Malaysia #1 Private University in Malaysia for 2019

Over the years, UCSI has focused extensively on improving its research output, curriculum development and delivery, as well as industry partnerships. UCSI also works closely with the great universities around the world while working together with newer universities in the region.

Academic RequirementsQualifications

Bachelor's degree

Minimum GPA: 2.50 or equivalent. NIL

A recognized Bachelor's degree

Minimum GPA: below 2.50 or equivalent Minimum of five years of experience in a related field.

Study at ABChorizon Academy in Turkey / Istanbul. Practical lessons will be given in laboratories equipped with all the advanced equipment and laboratory materials, or via the electronic platform for distance study.

The UCSI University's MBA is a one-year program in three semesters. Those who do not meet the minimum requirement of relevant work experience for two years will need to perform compulsory placement. Each semester lasts 14 weeks.

Classes are held in the evening on weekdays and in the morning on holidays.

Programs Offered:

Semester 1 (15 credit hours)

Semester 2 (12 credit hours)

Semester 3 (13 credit hours)

Financial analysis and accounting

Corporate social responsibilities and ethics

Financial policy and management

Information technology for managers

International Trade and Administration

Logistics and operational management

Marketing Management

Trade policy and strategic management

Curriculum Master Project

Human Resource Management

Research planning


Administrative and commercial research methods



In addition to one elective course chosen from the list below:

- Blue Ocean Strategy

- Supply management

- Import and export management

Students must note that not all elective courses will be offered in the classroom.

The dynamic learning process includes different methods. Teaching methods may include lecture learning, business case analysis, individual or group assessments, exams, guest speakers, presentations, and seminars. In addition, the few numbers in the class create for students a very collaborative and interactive environment.

Special package for UCSI University staff and students:

  • - UCSI employees can choose the EESS system or the reduced fees that are currently offered.
  • - UCSI students 10% discount on fees.

Papers and Admission Requirements:

1- A copy of the baccalaureate certificate certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country obtained, or any university acceptance certificate such as SAT, Yös or Level 3 Subsidiary or Diploma.

2- A Copy of two personal proofs containing the name and personal photo.

3- Three personal photographs

4- To Fill in the BTEC registration form, (please download the application in the link below and fill it in carefully then sign it): Download Link.

5- Download and print out this contract Download Link.

6- Read the contract well, fill it in and sign it (English and Arabic version)

7- Read the students’ handbook: Business, Computing

8- Read the personal data file: Download Link.

9- To fill scholarship form (please download the application in the link below and fill it in carefully then sign it): Download Link.

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