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This program allows students to provide them with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in the rapidly growing field of economics and informatics, through subject to related programs. The program consists of the latest developments in mobile applications and standards and technologies for mobile networks that apply to devices such as PDAs and portable smart devices.

The core content of the course is subject to 10% adjustment in each semester, with the aim of incorporating new developments and changes in technology into all informational programs. The program, which extends to 3 years, aims to provide a deep understanding of the principles of network systems, and the key operational and technical aspects that are necessary for current applications, thus enabling students to absorb the basic concepts of informatics and computer systems without limits. Students should aim to master relevant industrial skills such as analysis and design, programming software production and maintaining developments.

The College is constantly cooperating with consultants and stakeholders, such as Apple, Ricoh and Oracle, who make a constructive contribution each year to improve their programs. In general, cooperation in the field of industry provides students with the opportunity to obtain professional certificates in order to enhance their industrial expertise and increase their employment opportunities. We also guarantee our students for opportunities and guest opportunities with 112 companies every year.

Students at all stages of their studies are encouraged to participate in many research activities that benefit from research and development laboratories at the university and that are equipped with the latest technology and computers. A comprehensive laboratory for wireless networks and networks has been established for informatics and automated control students to gain experience in managing various network environments. In this way, our students undergo a wide range of technology-based plan.

BSc in Informatics




A 9516


Istanbul, Turkey

Place of Study

R/481/6/0290; 10/2018

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#UCSI University is Malaysia #1 Private University in Malaysia for 2019

Over the years, UCSI has focused extensively on improving its research output, curriculum development and delivery, as well as industry partnerships. UCSI also works closely with the great universities around the world while working together with newer universities in the region.

Academic requirementsQualificationsSuccess (with a GPA of 2.0) including the minimum c score for mathematics in SPMPreparatory YearMinimum two subjects c with a GPA of 2.0 in both subjects and pass the mathematics and English language test at SPM levelSTPMMinimum 2 subjectsA-LevelA minimum score of 5 (b6) and success (C8) in mathematics and EnglishUECThe minimum CGPA of 2.0High School certificateThe minimum score is 26 points in 6 subjectsInternational BaccalaureateThe minimum average score is 60% in 6 subjectsCanadian Pre-UThe minimum average score is 60% in 5 subjectsSAMAcceptance rate of 65%Australian Year 12Minimum overall average 60%Other qualifications are equivalent to STPM / A-Level as per Malaysian Authority requirementThe minimum CGPA of 2.0Diploma (Computing)It is reviewed by the college on a case-by-case basisDiploma (Non-Computing)
Study at ABChorizon Academy in Turkey / Istanbul. Practical lessons will be given in laboratories equipped with all the advanced equipment and laboratory materials, or via the electronic platform for distance study.
First year Second Year Programming in Visual Basic .NET Programming patterns Object Oriented Modeling 2 Database technology operating systems Object-oriented methods Database design Project composition Networks Programming in the Java language Software Project Management Designing secure networks Multimedia programming Design and implementation of projects Management system development tools Business case project Introduction to human computer interference Smart systems

There is an urgent need for qualified graduates with high skills and capabilities in the informatics world. Our graduates are eligible for the following positions:

  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Database Developers
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Officer
  • Web Developers
  • Computer Games Developer
  • IT Consultant
  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • IT Support Engineer

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No matter where you are, you can earn an international degree. With our online education system, distance is no longer a problem. Study at ABCHorizon and increase your opportunity of recruitment.

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