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The UCSI University’s Bachelor of Business Administration program provides students with the vital and managerial skills needed in today’s competitive business sectors, and also integrates theory-based learning with effective collaborative employment with industrial partners. The assessments include a mix of exams and assignments including a final year project that is completed during The last year of study. Where specialized academics assert that the programs which are: statistics and its applications, commercial communications, macroeconomics and management sciences, among other things, are still relevant with changes in this industry.

With the added value of education as a driving force for the program, the early openness of diverse contemporary business environments, as well as domestic and international issues, it will equip students to face many challenges in their future careers.

KR 9514; 06/2019

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Program Style

BA (Hons)


A 9514


Business Administration


Istanbul, Turkey

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#UCSI University is Malaysia #1 Private University in Malaysia for 2019

Over the years, UCSI has focused extensively on improving its research output, curriculum development and delivery, as well as industry partnerships. UCSI also works closely with the great universities around the world while working together with newer universities in the region.

Academic requirementsQualificationsSuccess with a GPA of at least 0.2%Preparatory YearMinimum two subjects, C with a GPA of 2.0 in two subjects, and success in mathematics and English at SPM levelSTPMMinimum two subjects EA-LevelA minimum score of 5 (b6) and success (C8) in mathematics and EnglishUECThe minimum CGPA 2.0High School certificateThe minimum score is 26 points in 6 subjectsInternational BaccalaureateThe minimum average score is 60% in 6 subjectsCanadian Pre-UThe minimum average score is 60% in 5 subjectsSAMAcceptance rate of 65%Australian Year 12Minimum overall average 60%Other qualifications are equivalent to STPM / A-Level as per Malaysian Authority requirementThe minimum CGPA of 2.0Diploma (Business Connected)It is reviewed by the college on a case-by-case basisOther qualifications are equivalent


The candidate can be exempted from the conditions of success in the mathematics and English language subjects at the SPM level (holders of STPM and STAM) if the candidate succeeded in the mathematics and English language subjects and they have achieved an equivalent success rate or higher than the required percentage in the above-mentioned courses at the SPM level.

Study at ABChorizon Academy in Turkey / Istanbul. Practical lessons will be given in laboratories equipped with all the advanced equipment and laboratory materials, or via the electronic platform for distance study.
Year 1 Year 2 companies laws Last Year Project (A Commercial Mathematics Corporate finance Business Formulation Managing contemporary human resources Commercial research methods Personal project A Management science Personal project B team management International Trade Business correspondence Organizational development and change financial management Management strategy for information systems accounting administration Strategic management Online practical application Business issues Management ethics leading businesses Retail Marketing Marketing Service

This program offers a wide range of career options for graduates due to its interdisciplinary content. Sectors include:

Manufacturing Industry: Chief Executive Officer, Director, General Manager, Human Resources Director, Sales Director, Administrative and Procurement Officer.

Academic, management consultant, CEO, corporate trainer, fiduciary banking services officer, director, businessman, occasions manager, financial advisor, general manager, human resources officer, director of human resources, bank investment officer, administrative consultant, administrative director, Public Relations Manager and Research Analyst.

Commercial Support Manager, Customer Relationship Manager, Businessman, Human Resources Director, Human Resources Manager, Purchasing Manager, Sales Manager, Service Manager, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Nonprofit Store Supervisor, Administrative Director, Director Events and project manager.

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No matter where you are, you can earn an international degree. With our online education system, distance is no longer a problem. Study at ABCHorizon and increase your opportunity of recruitment.

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