Despite the spread of the Internet around us everywhere, the home is still considered the best place to practice most activities and businesses such as broadcasting 4K video and playing games, video calls and many others, as these uses require a stable and high-speed internet connection that can only be easily achieved through Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi calling may come with some downsides, which sometimes affect your internet usage significantly.

There are many solutions that can be applied to ensure a stable, secure, and high-speed Internet connection within the home, but these solutions are usually expensive, difficult to use, or implemented by the average user. But if you are a user of Asus products or want to get a final solution to the problem of internet connection inside your home, you should consider the new AiMesh technology from Asus, which we will talk about in this article.

What is the AiMesh network from Asus?

The AiMesh network is the best solution to get a good Wi-Fi internet connection inside your house, as this technology provides stable and high speed connection in all places within the house, whatever its size and the many obstacles that may affect the signal quality. The technology also offers many other features such as parental control and automatic updates, in addition to many protection and security features as well.

The principle of AiMesh work is to connect several different routers within the home to form a single home Wi-Fi network that covers all parts of the house, all you need is to have these devices as Asus type and compatible with this technology, as it is not limited to only specific models, but also You can connect older Asus routers to be part of the local network within the home as well.

What are the most prominent features of Asus AiMesh Network?

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High speed and stable connection around the house

Each router can offer a relatively high speed even if it is alone, but with AiMesh you will get better performance when connected with other routers within the home. When trying the ASUS RT-AC86U router within the AiMesh network, it can achieve speeds of up to 463Mbps even in places indoors, and continue to provide excellent performance even after moving away from the signal and connecting to an old router within the network.

With this speed, you will be able to do many activities that require a high-speed internet connection, such as broadcasting 4K video anywhere in the house or the surrounding garden. AiMesh includes several smart technologies that help to achieve these speeds and stable communication continuously, we mention:

Seamless Roaming: AiMesh allows you to create one network and a password on all routers, so that you do not need to reconnect to another network when roaming within the home, as is the case when connecting multiple routers in traditional methods, as AiMesh monitors the signal strength on your devices in a way Always switch to another router automatically when necessary. In addition, the option to use separate network names for each router is still available if you want to.

Self-Healing Network: In the event that one of the routers within the home broke down, AiMesh will replace its connection with other routers that are still in operation and connect them with your device so that you will not feel any interruption or slowdown within the network even.

Intelligent Band Switching: This technology helps you choose the best bandwidth within your location, so you will not have to manually switch between wired connection and the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.


Security and protection for all devices on the network

Despite the traditional protection features that are embedded in different devices, cyber-attacks and malware are also constantly evolving, and in some cases they may pose a real threat to devices within the network. With AiMesh you get the free ASUS AiProtection feature, which provides many additional security features to protect your devices within the network from any potential threat on the Internet.

Asi AiProtection feature updates its database permanently and automatically from Trend Micro data center to get the latest security updates against any new threat, as this data from Trend Micro helps to identify suspicious websites in order to block them from the network before you access them, so you can visit any website without worrying about whether it includes any files or problems that might threaten your security and privacy on the network. In the event that a new device containing malware that synchronizes its personal files on the Internet, AiMesh will identify the suspicious servers that this device is trying to connect to, in order to block access to the Internet before it sends any personal data on its own.

Parental Control

AiMesh technology allows you to fully control and monitor what your children do on the network anywhere in the home, as parental control options apply to all routers. You can set a specific time for specific devices to work on the network as well as the ability to block any websites or applications you want on their devices. You can easily select these options within the ASUS Router app available on iOS and Android phones.

Prioritization within the network for specific activities

All devices on the network share the same speed, whatever the activity we do on the Internet, and it is known that this may sometimes lead to delay in response or problems within the games in case that one of the devices consumes the entire speed.

With AiMesh you can take advantage of features such as Adaptive QoS and WTFast to prioritize connection to a specific device within the network in the case of playing games on the Internet for example, so this will help to keep your connection stable with sufficient speed and little delay to avoid any slowdowns or problems.


How do we set up AiMesh at home?

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First you have to make sure that there are two routers and both devices support AiMesh technology and you can see all devices that support this technology from here, and you must select one of the two devices as a basic router AiMesh Router and the other as a AiMesh node.

1- Update the firmware

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Install the latest firmware from here on all routers and set the AiMesh network nodes to the factory default and when this step is successful you will see the AiMesh icon when clicking on the Network Map page and this is proof that the upgrade process occurred without problems.

2- Set the basic router

You have to specify the best router as the home internet connection point, in other words you have to select the best router as the primary router.

3- Find your AiMesh contract

You must operate the other routers that you want to include in the public system AiMesh by clicking on Search or search within the Asus Router app or AsusWRT to search for it.

4- Add the AiMesh contract to the AiMesh system

To add more nodes to the system you must select the router and press an app to add it to the home’s AiMesh Wi-Fi.