“Psychiatrists are crazy’s doctors”, “Maybe you need a psychiatrist” sentences that have been heard a lot so that mental illness has become a disgrace to its owner and family as if the soul does not get sick as the body does. But recently and fortunately if we look around today on TV or on social media sites, and in some academies, institutes and universities, we have found a wide interest in the topic of psychological and mental health, an interest that focuses on that mental health equals the health of the body, and encourages visiting a psychiatrist like any physician for an organic disease in case of need for that. Also, some celebrities did not hesitate to talk about it, also to grab the attention of the people more.

Despite all of this, many do not seek to take care of their mental health when they need it, perhaps because of beliefs that are still deeply rooted in them about the feeling of deficiency towards mental illnesses, or they may consider psychological treatments and places of rest for the velvet layer, not everyone is able to visit spa resorts or practice horse therapy or even to pay the psychiatrist’s diagnosis fee!

Today we have compiled some practices that will help you maintain your mental health – the most acceptable and least fearful way, to make the concept of mental health we do and not just something we talk about.

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Make a brave decision and free up a day to take care of your mental health when you feel you need it!

Did you know that dedicating a full day to taking care of your mental health and relieving it of stress will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, and will inevitably increase your productivity? But do you think that you are selfish or that emptying this day will accumulate your responsibilities? Well, why don’t you consider it as a preventive day against diseases? When you give yourself a day to relax and recuperate, you give your body a chance to refresh up and get rid of its burdens, when your body is resting, you will, of course, be rewarded with your memory and ability to improve to sleeping and your stress and pressure level will decrease, so you will protect yourself from any disease that will affect you if you do not rest!


Try doing something new before bed instead of watching the series on Netflix!

When we are used to staying up late, some people may watch several episodes of a series until they are tired and go to sleep, and some people may browse all social media to bring sleep if you are one of them, what do you think about trying something new before you sleep you can read a light book, little novel, short story, or even children’s stories, draw, color, or call your mother or friend and talk to him. Maybe you used to watch the series until you feel drowsy and fall asleep, but it is time to do something else and you may find yourself sleeping before 1 pm.


Not only do you practice your hobby on holidays, but make it a place in your daily routine

Sometimes we tend to be more comfortable and relaxed on holidays and vacations because we do not think about the responsibilities we have, so we replace going to the gym with going to other activities such as running, swimming, family visits or with friends. Also, many people tend to turn off their work phones, or even postpone or not respond to them, and procrastinate the response to emails, all with the intention of getting the most pleasure in a specific time, so why don’t we do those joyful things in our daily routine? A visit to an old or close friend, going together to try a nearby restaurant or going for an unexpected outing. The most important thing is to stop answering calls and business messages at least from 10 pm until 7 am, all of this would reduce your feeling of stress due to your race with life.


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Quite a little meditation

Yes, I know that you are not a teacher of yoga and that you will probably ignore this paragraph. But what you do not know is that there are many studies that have proven the positive effect of meditation on the brain and that it can in some cases be a substitute for drug therapy. So why not give yourself a chance and experiment for only two minutes! Come on, sit quietly and breathe slowly. Don’t think about anything just focus on the sound of your breathing. Then extend it to 5 minutes.

Slightly change your diet

Sometimes we tend to eat when we feel stressed and unfortunately, the most that we consume is sugar, whether sweets or carbonated water or others. Some also tend to drink coffee and other caffeinated drinks that increase stress. So it is better to replace all of that with foods that contain vitamin C, such as many vegetables, especially citrus fruits; foods that contain potassium such as bananas and salmon to reduce pressure; also eat foods rich in magnesium found in leafy vegetables, pumpkin, and avocado.

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Get someone’s help when you are not doing well, even if it is “not worth it”.

Well, you do not need to reject the idea immediately, I did not tell you to go to the psychiatrist when you feel a negative feeling, but if you are going through some mood changes a while ago and started affecting your daily life, we encourage you to seek help and spread your feelings to either your best friend, a psychotherapist or a doctor in study level or even an HR department official in your business.

Inquire about psychologists even if you think you will not need them

Once you read this article, this means that you are conscious enough to consider that the visit of the psychiatrist is like any visit to the regular doctor, so there is no need for you to collect the names and addresses of psychiatrists in your area and to obtain assessments and opinions on each doctor. You do not have to visit them, but consider maintaining this list as a first aid kit that you will use as needed.

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Get enough sleep and stop pretending to be busy!

When it comes to studying, working or any other duties, we find the time to do it, even at the expense of our rest time, but it is time for you to take more care of your sleep. When you do not sleep adequately, it will not only have a messy effect on your work and your life, but it will inevitably negatively affect your mental and physical health as well. It will also increase stress and nervousness. To get a comfortable sleep you have to stop having caffeine several hours before your sleep, and try to keep your bedroom dark, quiet and warm, reduce your exposure to artificial lights, especially the blue light from them, they contribute to reducing the “melatonin” substance responsible for sleep and do not forget to activate the /Reduce blue light/ feature in your device several hours before you sleep.

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Write a few positive phrases for yourself

We are people made of emotions, and words affect us greatly. If we are friendly with our friends, the grocery seller, and the rest of the people, why prevents us to be kind to ourselves?

Write messages for yourself, either with phrases that motivate you or with words of songs you love and then put them in a small jar or hang them on your locker or in your office to read them whenever you need positive support.

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