About The Program

Why should I study product design?

Studying Product Design or Industrial Design develops your creative design skills and gives you the technical ability you need to use production methods and materials creatively. It also provides you with other skills that many employers value, such as: Presentation skills. communication skills.

Is product design a good profession?

Yes, it is an exceptional career choice. You will make a great career choice by pursuing this field. This is because product design is one of the most sought-after skills in the labor market today.

Level 5



Accreditation Status

UK and International


18 Months, 960 Hours

Duration of Study




Qualification Number (QN)

Admission requirements:​

  • Applicants with a baccalaureate degree in all its branches (old or recent), are admitted regardless of their overall score.
  • Also, international university admission certificates are admitted (SAT, GED, Btec level3, A-level, Freshman, YÖS).
  • Students without a high school diploma are also admitted after completing the Pearson Level 3 Diploma.

The diploma is addressed to:

  • Those looking for a job in the field of technical design.
  • Those who already work in the field of technical design and wish to advance and promote in the career.
  • Commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • ● Completion of studies in universities to obtain a bachelor’s degree, “university degree,” where a higher diploma is considered the first two years of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Those who wish to study a major Professional in technical design and at the same time academic modification.
  • Businessmen and company owners who want to develop their managerial skills and their businesses to make their companies global.

Study Plan at ABChorizon up to Bachelor's Degree:

  • Six months extension in the English language (if you choose to study in the English language).
  • * One and a half years (18 months) to obtain the HND UK Diploma in product design.
  • * Two years to obtain a bachelor’s degree “university degree” either in UCSI Malaysia or Okan Turkish through ABChorizon or in many universities around the world, in one of the following majors
  • Bachelor of Fashion and Textiles ● Bachelor of Interior Design ● Bachelor of Textile Design
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design ● Bachelor of Graphic Design ● Bachelor of Communication Design
  • Bachelor of Product Design ● Bachelor of Spatial Design ● Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Digital Design ● Bachelor of Website Design ● Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • * Only if the student does not have a baccalaureate, they need to study “BTEC level3” for a period of six months, which is considered a UK baccalaureate.

The issuance and reliability of the certificate:

The HND certificate issued by the UK Pearson Authority is fully certified in many countries of the world.

The certificate is accredited by:

  •     Ofqual, England and Northern Ireland’s examination and qualifications organization office
  •     CCEA is the organization responsible for examining and auditing curricula, examinations and evaluation in Northern Ireland.

There are 1,371 universities around the year admitting BTEC qualifications

There are also 820 centers around the world that offer BTEC qualifications

Where our center obtained the accreditation from Pearson BTEC for the National Higher Diploma based on its standards, number 91667, this certificate is recognized in Britain and the countries of the world.

The study is available in either English or Arabic.

There will be an indication of the final certificate on the language of study and assessment.

Study at ABChorizon Turkey Istanbul or one of our branches around the world or online.

The center provides the ability to study remotely using the Internet through the electronic platform of our center, where the student can follow up the lectures, view the recordings and interact with the trainers through multimedia directly, and the platform also allows them to even discuss and defend their projects with the professors and the Internal Verifier in the Academy of ABChorizon and BTEC Standards Verifier in Britain.

The Fifth Level Higher National Diploma offers the following subjects for students who want to focus on a specific aspect of work:

First year units (8 Units L4)

  Second year units (6 Units L5)

Professional Development

  Contextual Studies

  Individual Project

  Techniques & Processes

  Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  Fashion & Textiles Practices

  Materials & Structures

  3D Practices

Professional Practice

  Applied Practice Collaborative Project

  Advanced Interior Design Studies

  Advanced Product Design Studies

  Commercial Photography

  3D Modelling & Rendering

  • The costs of the Higher Diploma Program for the duration of the study period of one and a half (18 months) non-stop $ 2,200 annually.
  • In addition to the $ 500 registration fee at BTEC Pearson “one-time payment”
  • This fee does not include the cost of English language courses or books.

Possible job after graduation:

  • Production and marketing companies
  • Car and aircraft factories
  • Work in the port sector
  • Work in the field of production
  • Work in the field of planning

Papers and Admission Requirements:

1- A copy of the baccalaureate certificate certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country obtained, or any university acceptance certificate such as SAT, Yös or Level 3 Subsidiary or Diploma.

2- A Copy of two personal proofs containing the name and personal photo.

3- Three personal photographs

4- To Fill in the BTEC registration form, (please download the application in the link below and fill it in carefully then sign it): Download Link.

5- Download and print out this contract Download Link.

6- Read the contract well, fill it in and sign it (English and Arabic version)

7- Read the students’ handbook: Business, Computing

8- Read the personal data file: Download Link.

9- To fill scholarship form (please download the application in the link below and fill it in carefully then sign it): Download Link.

International Study

No matter where you are, you can earn an international degree. With our online education system, distance is no longer a problem. Study at ABCHorizon and increase your opportunity of recruitment.

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