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A fifth level “HND” diploma in Computing and Systems Development from Pearson BTEC University with ABChorizon Academy qualifies students to be able to complete systems management, software development, network installation, and much more. A group of specialized units and practical job opportunities means that you will become familiar with work practices and learn basic skills and it is necessary to succeed in your career in the future.

One of the fifth level programs is the Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma Program in Informatics and Systems Development. This program enables you to learn basic concepts and practical skills that directly work in developing your business.

The materials in this program allow you to get acquainted with the business skill from electronic commerce, computer systems, emerging technology, system analysis and design, web page design, and information technology management.

Level 5



Language of Study

Istanbul, Turkey

Place of Study

2 Year Study, 240 Points

Duration of Study

#I Choose BTEC
Why Our Students Choose BTEC?

Admission Requirements
The desire to study and work in the field of informatics, to obtain a high school diploma or equivalent.

Where our center obtained the accreditation from Pearson BTEC for the National Higher Diploma based on its standards, number 91667, this certificate is recognized in Britain and the countries of the world.

Study in the English language is fully supported in the Arabic language, where applicants will undergo an intensive program in English, each according to its level up to a very advanced degree in the English language.

Study at ABChorizon Academy in Turkey / Istanbul. Practical lessons will be given in laboratories equipped with all the advanced equipment and laboratory materials, or via the electronic platform for distance study.

First Year SubjectsSecond Year Subjects
Computer systemsEmployment and professional development
2D and 3D designWeb Application Development
Systems Analysis and DesignMultimedia design and authorship
Network technologyQuality in information technology
Object-oriented programmingData analysis and design
Database designDevelopment of office software solutions
Multimedia design3D modeling and animation
Web designProject design, implementation and evaluation
Business skills in e-marketing

A holder of the HND certificate can apply to many British and international universities, taking into account the subjects he has studied and the time period spent at our center in full, and therefore and during (one or two years) only he can obtain a bachelor’s degree and from the most important universities that the student can continue studying in and get BSC:

In Turkey:

Middle East Technical University METU – Middle East Technical University

In the United Arab Emirates:

Heriot-Watt University HW – Heriot Watt University

American University in the United Arab Emirates AUE – American University in United Arab Emirates

In Britain:

University of Nottingham NOTTINGHAM – University of Nottingham

Middlesex University MDX – Middlesex University

University of Newcastle NCL – Newcastle University

In Australia:

University of Queensland UQ – University of Queensland

University of Sydney SYDNEY – University of Sydney

In New Zealand:

Canterbury University CANTERBURY – University of Canterbury

University of Texas Celen TXWES – Texas Wesleyan University

In the United States of America:

University of Michigan UMICH – University of Michigan

In Singapore:

Berlin School of Music Production dBs – Berlin Music Production School

In France:

Paris College of Art PCA – Paris College of Art

In Ireland:

College of Computing and Technology CCT – College of Computing and Technology

In Malysia:

Monash University Malaysia MONASH – Monash University Malaysia

The search engine for universities:

You can also search for universities by yourself using the search engine of BTEC University, which gives you an idea of ​​the universities in the countries of the world that have agreements with the University of BTEC from here.

This educational system allows students or professionals who wish to study one or more of the subjects in the diploma as a specialist subject such as (Management Accounting in Business Administration or Networking in Informatics) and students are provided with a recognized certificate for this subject from ABChorizon.
The commission requests the presence of specialized teachers who have sufficient experience to do the teaching, and it also depends on the presence of the Internal Verifier and Programs Leader to follow up on communication with the External Verifier, who will visit the institute periodically to follow up on the work and supervise it by the British authority.

International Study

No matter where you are, you can earn an international degree. With our online education system, distance is no longer a problem. Study at ABCHorizon and increase your opportunity of recruitment.

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