About The Program

Pearson BTEC’s second-level job skills program, helps the learner to improve his understanding and application of work skills. This flexible and professional program teaches knowledge, skills and perception that are usefully related to the learner himself and the employer.

The educational materials for this degree revolve around developing personal skills of leadership, identifying and achieving goals in work, solving work-centered problems, and actively participating in interviews.

The program is eligible for funding in England for Pre-16 (EFA funding), 16-18 (EFA funding) and 19+ Local flexibility (SFA funding).

Level 2



Accreditation Status

UK and International


Four Months, 150 Hours

Duration of Study


Guided Learning Hours


Qualification Number (QN)

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Admission Requirements
This program is an opportunity for students looking to complete their studies in my Pearson BTEC higher diploma programs, without having the certificate that qualifies them for that, such as a high school diploma.

Where our center obtained the accreditation from Pearson BTEC for the National Higher Diploma based on its standards, number 91667, this certificate is recognized in Britain and the countries of the world.

Study in the English language is fully supported in the Arabic language, where applicants will undergo an intensive program in English, each according to its level up to a very advanced degree in the English language.

Studying at ABChorizon Turkey Istanbul or one of our branches around the world or online.

  1. Use CV and cover letter to apply for a job
  2. Arithmetic for the working environment
  3. Career progression
  4. Manage your own money
  5. ICT Basics
  6. Basics of information technology and software
  7. How and why companies operate
  8. self-evaluation

International Study

No matter where you are, you can earn an international degree. With our online education system, distance is no longer a problem. Study at ABCHorizon and increase your opportunity of recruitment.

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