Liselere Geçiş Sistemi
Transitional exam to the secondary level

What is LGS exam?

The LGS exam is a test that is held after the end of the preparatory stage, in preparation for the students’ transfer to the secondary level, and this system has been introduced in the academic year 2017-2018, and the number of students who entered this exam for the first time has reached almost one million students.

All students who complete middle school can take this exam. It means that the student who passed the eighth grade is entitled to apply for this exam

The LGS exam is organized by the institution concerned with conducting the exams, ÖSYM, and the exam is held at certain times determined by the Turkish Ministry of Education every year.

The student’s success in this exam allows them to apply for the admission eligibility in several secondary schools, including scientific schools, Anatolian public schools, vocational schools, and schools of imams and preachers. According to the statement of the Minister of National Education, the exam, unlike previous years, will take place in the same students’ schools, and the examination information will be announced through the electronic school portal (e-okul), and the subjects required for the exam according to each subject according to the Hurriyat newspaper website, and they are:

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Turkish language: Söz varlığı, anlama, yazma.

Mathematics: Sayılar ve işlemler, üslü ifadeler, karaköklü ifadeler, veri işleme, olasılık, cebir.

Natural sciences: Mevsimler ve iklim/Dünya ve evren, DNA ve genetic, kod/canlılar ve yaşam, basınç/fiziksel olaylar, madde ve endüstri/madde ve doğası

History of coups and Ataturk: Bir kahraman doğuyor, milli uyanış, milli bir destan.

Religious culture and ethics: Kader inancı, zekat ve sadaka, din ve hayat.


Educational specialists advise students to invest time optimally and solve questions in two or more stages, because the time allocated to each question is two minutes in scientific subjects and 1.5 minutes in literary subjects, where it is advised to solve easy and short questions at the beginning and to postpone difficult and hard questions to the second or third stage because reading them once again, can be understood and solved more easily, and to have enough time is allocated to all the questions. Most students waste time solving a difficult question and there is no time left to solve easy questions in the rest of the exam paper.

It should be noted here that the distribution of the marks on the subjects ‘questions is uneven and the basic subjects’ marks (mathematics, science, and Turkish language) are calculated in a complex manner, as the highest mark for a mathematics question is 7.861 marks, followed by science (art) 7.0616 marks for each question, followed by the Turkish language course 6,472 marks for each question, while the marks for the complementary subjects (foreign language, history of coups, and religious culture) are close, and every 2  to 2.5 marks questions equals one question mark from the basic subjects, the religion question mark 3.4575, the coups subject question mark 2.9549, the foreign language question mark 2.5958, and 3 answers wrong answer from the same subject cancels a correct answer, that is, every wrong answer is counted 1.33 upon deduction of the score, so in the event that the answer to the question is not certain, it is preferable to leave it blank until one wrong answer is counted, and the full score for the exam is 500 points.

LGS exam questions

LGS exam for this year will be applied on June 7, 2021, and contains 90 automated questions from the eighth-grade curriculum only. The exam is conducted in two sessions:

  1. LGS Literary Questions:

The first session usually starts at 9:30 and ends at 10:45, and includes 50 questions from the literary subjects consisting of:

o 20 questions from the Turkish language.

o 10 questions from the foreign language.

o 10 questions from the history of the coup.

o 10 questions from the subject of religious culture.

  1. LGS Scientific Questions:

As for the second session of the exam, it starts after a 45-minute break, that is, at 11:30 and ends at 12:40, and includes 40 questions from the scientific subjects that include:

o 20 mathematics questions.

o 20 science questions.

Dear student, by clicking here, you can access samples of the LGS exam questions in its scientific and literary sections, which were held in November of 2019.

What is the difference between secondary education schools?

  1.  Scientific School (Fen Lisesi):

    The scientific school called Fen Lisesi in Turkey, shows interest in mathematical and scientific aspects, and the duration of study in these schools is 4 years, in addition to the preparatory year. It receives 34,500 students annually.

  2. Anadolu Schools:

    The duration of the study in Anatolian schools is 4 years, in addition to the preparatory year that precedes the four years, the Anatolian School is known in Turkish as Anadolu Lisesi, and there are 222 schools distributed all over Turkey.

    Sciences, Turkish language, mathematics, social sciences, and foreign languages ​​are taught in these schools, and they receive approximately 34,530 students per academic year.

  3. Vocational High School (Meslek Lisesi):

    The vocational secondary school provides education to students in 450 vocational schools in all Turkish cities, and receives 19,170 students per year. To give them general information about the different professions and the manner of practicing them.

    The duration of education in these schools is 4 years, and after graduation the student has the right to enter one of the university branches associated with the major.

  4. Imam and Preacher Schools (İmam Hatip Lisesi):

    Every student who successfully passes the middle school stage, can register for the Imams and Preachers’ schools. These schools are distributed in all the Turkish states. They follow the Ministry of Education curricula in science, mathematics, and language, in addition to religion and ethics subjects.

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