With the rising cost of higher education, some people have begun to question whether it is really worth it. Higher education and obtaining a university degree may be stressful for some, and useless for others as it does not suit their personal inclinations and desire to learn a profession or a trade. Therefore, some resort in recent years to searching for jobs and professions that do not require a purely academic university study, as getting a job that pays you more than $ 75,000 a year does not require an MBA. In fact, in many cases, a bachelor’s degree is not necessarily required. The good thing is that you really can get jobs without a qualification, but with conditions. It may seem that professional education and work will truly change the job market in the coming years in addition to the great success it is currently causing. If you want to earn the highest five numbers of salaries without a college degree, consider one of these following professions:

1- Computer programming and web development: Computer programmers and web developers usually need to master programming languages ​​such as Java, C ++ and others to work for computer systems design and website design companies, whether freelance or by being at the headquarters of the company or organization. However, the challenge remains wide for everyone who wants to become a professional in programming, it is possible that a student, graduate, or even a person without a high academic qualification can pursue this profession, provided that the programmer has extensive experience, intensive courses, and access to more developments to improve themselves and their work. According to many data and statistics, lots of the results indicated that the average income of computer programmers rose to $ 84,240 annually.

2- Technical occupations: Computer technician, electricity, nursing, cars, medical laboratory, radiology, air conditioning and refrigeration, and other professional jobs that have become occupying a space in Arab societies in recent times due to the increased demand for them. In order to pursue these technical professions, you will not need to obtain a bachelor’s degree. It is sufficient to obtain a technical secondary’s degree or enrolling in a technical institute. According to global indicators and data, these occupations have become the most popular, sought-after and income group in the world.

3- Media Equipment Managers: This field provides unique opportunities to work with celebrities, politicians, and even sports stars while dealing with cameras, audio devices and other equipment; Where equipment technicians are accepted by testing their experience and capabilities in dealing with photographic, sound, and other equipment.

4- Sales Officers and Representatives: If you have great skills in communicating with people, then this job is the best for you, as it does not require obtaining a high academic qualification, only with experience and following some buying and selling strategies, you can achieve huge profits from sales commissions for the type of product you are marketing for whatever it is.

5- some online jobs: Such as advertising marketers, writing, design and other jobs that require skills and knowledge of the keys to marketing and promoting through social media and other types of network marketing.

6- Photography and Graphic Design: Photographers and graphic designers will not need to obtain a university degree. Rather, their knowledge of photography and video programs, printing and dealing with various media through courses and training will suffice to be able to compete strongly in recent times.

7- Medical Secretary: All that a medical secretary needs is how to deal with office matters such as organizing appointments and patients, dealing with the computer, printing files, assisting doctors in some tasks related to patient care and other matters related to visitors to hospitals or private clinics.

8- Legal Assistant:
The legal assistant helps the attorneys to print papers, draft some files, legal research and perform some administrative tasks, and you may think that it is an unprofitable job, but in fact if you are carefully trained and gained great experience, you will be able to get high wages in a short period of time.

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