Psychologists assert that a person is able to overcome their emotional experiences with time, and that they are able to forget the psychological setbacks that they may suffer in a period not exceeding six months. Is this true? What are the best ways to exceed this period of time? In a report published by the “Social Issues” website, Michael Schelberg, a German psychologist, who lives in Hamburg, says: “It takes at least 6 months to overcome a crisis resulting from separation from a partner.
During this difficult period, both parties go through different feelings of sadness, self-doubt, anxiety, and even hatred, and these accumulations remain on his or her mind. ”Psychologist Christa Roth-Sakenheim says:“ The feelings that a person experiences as a result of separation are the same as those that they feel out when someone dies. So, it is very natural for them to cry. ”Roth-Säckenheim, president of the Association of Psychiatrists, in Germany, says,“ Having friends is very important for someone who has an emotional setback. ”She advises newly separated friends to“ make tea and put in a can made from tissue paper nearby. ”She adds: “Taking a friend with a heartbreak to a movie cinema or theater is one of the good tricks that help distract them from their pain.” “For people who want to overcome their emotional wounds on their own without help,” she continues, “they have to pay attention to something, such as sports, for example, or participate in a training course or volunteer program. These options and alternatives always have a better outcome than setting alone on Sofa and crying over the children.

Experts agree that the method of dealing with the pain of separation is also important in reducing the duration and intensity of pain. People who separate quietly have less pain, compared to those who leave each other after a fight. Michael Schelberg advises those with wounded hearts, to “think carefully about their perceptions of love, as someone might ask themselves, whether they love their partner who has sincerely separated from them, or if it is just“ love of possession. ”At that time, it will become clear if the relationship is a real love or not, and in this case each party will wish the other happiness. ” The German psychiatrist concludes by saying: “it is often monopoly and selfishness, the real motive behind the pain and craving of separation, so whoever realizes that, will take control of their affairs quickly again .”

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