It is common for new leaders to make mistakes. The good news is that most of these mistakes can be avoided.

Here are eight of these most common mistakes and how to avoid them:

The belief that you have to make all the decisions
Trying to make all the decisions yourself will turn you into a detailed leader. Good leaders know that there are a large number of decisions that their team members can make perfectly. Also, one of the best ways to develop your team’s skills is to have them make decisions.

Believing you know everything
Even if you think you are a smart person, no one wants to work with (or be led by) someone they think knows everything. Strong leaders know there is always more to learn, so you see them looking for new things to learn every day.

Not realizing that you are always being watched
Leaders are leaders over 24 hours. The easiest thing you can do to disrupt your ability to lead is to have the personality of a leader when you are leading and a different personality the rest of the time.

Not realizing that the team is essential, not you
You don’t need to be a leader if you don’t have a team to lead. The team performance evaluation is done on the basis of the total results of the team members. If the sum of the results of the team as a whole is greater than the sum of the results of each individual’s work, then this means that the leader is doing what they have to do.

Not realizing that what you are doing or saying may be quickly misunderstood
No matter how good you think your skills in communicating with others, there are situations that may make you reconsider your skills. One of the most important ways to speed up your downfall as a leader is for others to understand what you are saying wrongly. Remember, too, that not only your words are subject to scrutiny and subject to misunderstanding, but your actions as well.

Fear of leadership when it is time to lead
Anyone can drive under good conditions, but the real need for a leader is in difficult times. So don’t be afraid to take a stand and make tough decisions. Others will respect you for making difficult decisions, regardless of whether it is right or wrong, and they will respect you for making your decision more than if you evaded your responsibilities of leadership and decision-making.

Not realizing that the most important things happen when you are not around
This means you have to develop the team’s skills to do the right things regardless of whether or not you are around. Great leaders are the ones whose team performance will not be affected if they leave the organization they work for.

Finally, if you’re leading a sales team, don’t forget the biggest mistake new sales leaders make, is trying to lead a customer.
Your job as a sales leader is to lead your team, not the customer. You have to focus on leading your team so that they can lead the customer. If you try to lead a customer, then you degrade the members of your sales team, and this will make the customer turn to you to answer every question they have instead of going towards your team members.

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